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Telecommuication & Postal Service (TPS)


To facilitate the provision of ubiquitous ICT and Postal Infrastructures that will be accessible, affordable and available for an all-inclusive services delivery.


Promote Policies, Programmes and Strategies for sustainable, efficient and effective Broadband and Postal Services delivery.


The Telecommunication and Postal Services Department was established to oversee the implementation of Government Policies aimed at advancing ICT development in the Country as well as modernizing and integrating the Telecoms and Postal industry into the world’s information society. The Department has two (2) divisions and five (5) sections and formidable staff strength to execute these tasks. The Divisions are as listed below;

1. Universal Access has three sections viz;

  1. Rural Telephony/Satellite Broadband Services
  2. Universal Service/National Broadband Development and
  3. Telecoms Regulatory Matters


 2. International Cooperation and Postal Services made up of;

  1.  Postal Policy and Development
  2.  Postal Regulatory Matters

The department also host the Secretariat of the Nigerian National Broadband Council (NNBC) and National Addressing System Council & Committee.




The department is responsible for the following tasks;


  • Promoting the development of Universal Broadband Access/Services;
  • Promoting the development of Satellite Broadband Access/Services;
  • Promoting the development of access channels for the implementation of Digital Financial Inclusion Strategies;
  • Promoting Postal Services Development;
  • Liaising with the following Agencies of the Ministry including NCC, NIGCOMSAT, NIPOST and USPF to facilitate telecoms development and regulatory matters in line with universal access provision;
  • Liaising with key stakeholders to facilitate National Broadband Infrastructure and Postal development;
  • Liaising with International Telecommunication Union – Development (ITU-D) on matters relating to Telecommunication Sector development;
  • Liaising with International Bodies, Regional and Sub-regional Organizations on matters relating to telecommunication and Postal Sector development including the African Union Specialized Technical Committee on Communication, ICT and Post (AU-STC (CICT)), Commonwealth Telecommunication organization (CTO), Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), Pan African Postal Union (PAPU), Universal Postal Union (UPU), West African Postal Conference (WAPCO), Commonwealth Postal Conference (CPC);
  • Implementation of integrated National Rural Telecommunication Programmes;
  • Facilitate the implementation of the Nigerian National Broadband Plan 2013 – 2018;
  • Facilitate the implementation of the National Addressing of System;
  • Facilitating the implementation of projects under the Multilateral Cooperation