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Legal Unit


To give legal representation, advice, draft policies, contracts, MOU’s and agreements. To defend the Federal Government through the Ministry.



A Federal Ministry that is committed to the rule of Law.




  • Drafting and enforcing of agreements and contract on behalf of the Ministry.
  • Responding promptly to litigations against the Ministry
  • Giving legal advice/opinion on matters affecting, involving or concerning the Ministry
  • Settling disputes which may arise from the Ministry (internal), or from dealings to which the Ministry is involved in or party to (external)
  • Attending meetings and making meaningful contributions which will yield positive results.




  1. To file briefs on behalf of the Ministry.
  2. To defend the Ministry in all Suits to which it is a party
  3. To give legal opinion and advice to the Ministry.
  4. To draft agreements, MOU’s and contracts on behalf of the Ministry
  5. To attend meetings at departmental, ministerial and inter-ministerial levels