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The Federal Ministry of Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy is a Ministry created in 2011 as Federal Ministry of Communications Technology. It was created to foster a knowledge based economy and information society in Nigeria. The Ministry was created to facilitate ICT as a key tool in the transformation agenda for Nigeria in the areas of job creation, economic growth and transparency of governance.
Dr Bosun Tijani is the current Minister of the Ministry. The Ministry under his watch will create and formulate policies that will propel the Nigerian economy to a digitalized economy.


  • Facilitate universal, ubiquitous and cost effective access to communications infrastructure throughout the country.
  • Promote the utilization of ICT in all spheres of life to optimize the communications infrastructure – digital content creation, domestic software applications and the delivery of private and public services over the internet.
  • Promote and facilitate the development of the ICT industry and increase the contribution of the ICT industry to GDP.
  • Utilize ICT to drive transparency in governance and improve the quality and cost effectiveness of public service delivery in Nigeria.


To create a robust digital economy that enhances security, increases transparency, and diversifies the Nigerian economy."


"We leverage Digital Technologies for National Economic Development."

About the Minister

Dr. Bosun Tijani (born 20 July 1977) is the Minister of Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He was appointed to the role by the Nigerian president, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, on August 16, 2023.

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